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Johannes Robbins

Level Designer


I am a Level Designer with over 10 years of professional experience and over 16 years of modification experience.  It is an absolute joy to be in one of the most fun yet demanding careers ever.  I have been involved in projects ranging from portable console titles with 3 man teams to Xbox/Playstation games to high end PC MMO games that take 250 people and multiple years to make.  I also am a VR evangelist and have obsessed about VR hardware for as long as I can remember.

As a Level Designer, my work environments have forced me to wear many "hats" including scripting using multiple interpreters, greyboxing and playtesting, working with many different engines and level editors, and building production pipelines.  While I consider the creation of good environmental gameplay to be my core strength, I do also have a strong talent for scripting and technical work to help get games done.

I also am a dual citizen of the US and Germany and am able to work in the EU without extra paperwork.


jrobbins 'at'

Johannes Robbins
Siegfried-Hirschmann-Park 2

10245, Berlin, DE


(0151) 5870-2320

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